The Croatian Olympic Academy and the Croatian Sports Museum Signed a Cooperation Agreement

10.07.2024 u 06:07
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Zagreb, July 8, 2024 - The Croatian Olympic Academy and the Croatian Sports Museum have signed a cooperation agreement to preserve sports heritage, educate the public about the importance of sports, Olympism, and Olympic values, and promote and popularize sports and Olympism in Croatia.

The agreement was signed at the premises of the Croatian Olympic Committee by Saša Ceraj, Director of the Croatian Olympic Academy, and Danira Bilić, Director of the Croatian Sports Museum.

- The Croatian Sports Museum and the Croatian Olympic Academy are natural partners and have been collaborating for several years in connecting sports and Olympism with art, culture, and education. I am pleased that we have formalized our cooperation, and the Croatian Sports Museum will be enriched with copies of books published by the Croatian Olympic Academy. I am also looking forward to new projects that we will carry out together- said the Croatian Olympic Academy Director Saša Ceraj during the signing of the agreement, thanking Croatian Sports Museum Director Danira Bilić for the newly established cooperation.