Zagreb, September 21, 2016 (Hina/Hoo) - At the occasional ceremony, held this Wednesday in the headquarters of the Croatian Journalists’ Association in the presence of many Olympians, including our best athlete of all time and Assistant Minister for Sports Janica Kostelić, the book "Croatian Olympians and notables" by Jurica Gizdić has been presented.

"This book is reminiscent of the incredible power of Croatian sports and of the fact what one small country can give. People change, but the results remain. And then there's Jurica Gizdić, chronicler, who sees to it that these results remain for all eternity. What the Croatian sport is capable of, it is simply amazing", said the President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Zlatko Mateša at the presentation of the book.

The first president of the National Sports Council and vice president of Croatian Olympians Club Danira Bilić thanked on behalf of all the Olympians whose biographies are comprised by Jurica Gizdić’s book. "This book reminds us how many great individuals have we had in our sports history. Jura Ozmec, moderator of the presentation and chairman of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Commission for Information and Publishing noted that this is the fourth book on the Olympic topic that Gizdić has written in this Olympic cycle. “Croatia and Olympic medals” was printed in 2013, “Blacksmiths of Croatian Olympic medals” in 2014 and "Croatian female athletes at the Olympic games" in 2015.

Editor-in-chief Ante Drpić pointed out that this book is unique because, for the first time in our history, it contains a list of all the Croatian athletes – participants at the Olympic Games since 1900 and at the second Olympics in Paris until the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, a total of 933. The executive editor of the book and head of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Department for Information and Publishing Radica Jurkin notified all the present that the first biographies, 88 of them, are already translated and form an integral part of the Olympians’ web database at and announced that all the biographies, a total 933, will be available in the same way to the Croatian and international public. Concerning the update of information on those who are still actively engaged in competing, the very author Jurica Gizdić will take care of the same and he thanked all those who thanked everyone who helped him in writing the book with which he has completed his four-year cycle of publishing books on Olympic topic.

"In addition to athletes’ biographies, the book comprises Croats - members of the International Olympic Committee, presidents, secretaries and treasurers of the Yugoslav Olympic Committee from Croatia, presidents and secretary generals of the Croatian Olympic Committee and Croatian winners of the International Olympic Committee’s highest awards of the. Croatian sports history is part of the national heritage. Performances of Croatian athletes at major events such as the Olympic Games and their successes belong to the Croatian state and the Croatian people, and nobody else", said Gizdić and thanked everyone who helped him in completing his life's work highlighting a special gratitude "to all the heroes from this book for all they have given to the Croatian people through sports”.

Besides numerous Olympians of different generations, special representative of the President of Republic of Croatia, Tomislav Madžar, attended the presentation of the book.

Gizdić, J. (2016.) "Croatian Olympians and notables", Zagreb: Croatian Olympic Committee - pdf