Zagreb, October 13, 2015 (Hina) – On Tuesday, October 13, at the occasional ceremony held in the Croatian Journalists' Home, the book "Croatian female athletes at the Olympic Games" by Jurica Gizdić was presented to the public.

"This is the 65th book on sports topic written by Jurica Gizdić, significant because it has sublimated the lives and careers of Croatian female athletes. For them, this is a sort of social recognition", said the President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Zlatko Mateša, adding that women must be represented in the both federations' governing bodies and clubs in accordance with the results they achieved in sports arenas. Mateša stressed that he will find - along with the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports - the way to have this book present in every school library in the Republic of Croatia. He also expressed the hope that this and all the other books on Olympic topics written by Jurica Gizdić will soon be available in electronic form. Danira Bilić commented the book on behalf of the Croatian Olympians Club and she pointed out that the Olympic Charter puts the athletes in the very heart of the Olympic Movement. "This book is a tribute to each female athlete and their biographies should be a guideline for young athletes on how to evaluate the basic human values such as friendship, generosity and fair play", said the famous Croatian basketball player whose biography is also in the book.

The promotion moderator, Jura Ozmec, noted that this is the third book on Olympic topic written by Jurica Gizdić in the past three years. "It started with 'Croatia and Olympic medals' – published in 2013 – that contains 291 biographies of the athletes-winners of Olympic medals. The book 'Blacksmiths of Croatian Olympic medals' that was published last year contains the biographies of 137 coaches. Finally, the newest one contains 161 biographies of Croatian female athletes-participants at the Olympic Games since Berlin Olympics in 1936", said Ozmec, and particularly thanked the Croatian Olympic Committee for the support it has provided – from the very beginning - in publishing of the books on Olympic topics.

The Editor-in-Chief Ante Drpić noted that the book comprised – according to the very clear criteria –twenty-two female athletes, five female gymnasts, eighteen female swimmers, twenty female basketball players, twenty-four female handball players, seven female table tennis players, eight female shooters, nine female tennis players, seven female taekwondo athletes, twelve female volleyball players, four female sailors, four female figure skating representatives, one female fast skater, seven female Alpine skiing representatives, two female snowboarding athletes, two female biathlon athletes and two female cross-country skiers. The author of the book Jurica Gizdić thanked all the female athletes who helped him in writing the book, stressing that he had spoken with most of the female athletes whose biographies are published in the book. "Our female Olympians are icing on the cake of the Croatian Olympic Movement, but there is still a lot of work ahead of us. I feel that it is my duty to make – in the forthcoming period - a list of all the Croatian athlete-winners of World and European medals. They belong to our sports history, but also to the overall Croatian heritage", highlighted Gizdić. (Hina)

„Croatian female athletes at the Olympic Games" by Jurica Gizdić - online, pdf