Guides, compilations, brochures and books on Olympians and coaches from the Croatian historical heritage and monographs of the Olympic family – all of this represents a part of the comprehensive and continuous multimedia publishing practices of the Croatian Olympic Committee.

The guides for the Olympic Games, Youth Olympic Games or Mediterranean Games and European Youth Olympic Festival contain information on great sports events involving top Croatian names whose results are today as inspiring as in the history of Croatian sports. There are also the publications that will introduce to broader sports and other public the theory and practice of European funds, the impact of women in sports, international fair play movement and its understanding, protection of athletes against doping today and in the future and other topics, which are an integral part of interdisciplinary activities of the Croatian Olympic Committee. However, a special place is taken by the authors’ books and monographs on performances of Croatian athletes at the Olympic Games and on the contribution of Croatian coaches to medal winning. These books represent a place where we keep sports and cultural values of the Croatian sports and Olympism.


EU funds
Supports for sports in the European Union 2014 - 2020 - brochure- online, pdf

Guidelines for organising the Sport Management and Leadership Training Programme - online, pdf


Fair play
17th European Fair Play Congress – Conference Almanac - online, pdf
Brochure "Living the Fair Play" - online, pdf


Croatian Olympism
"Croatia and Olympic Medals" Jurica Gizdić -online, pdf
"Blacksmiths of Croatian Olympic Medals" Jurica Gizdić - online, pdf
Monograph 20 years
Croatian sports almanac
Croatian Sports Medicine Journal


Guide European Games Baku 2015 - online, pdf
Guide Youth Olympic Games Nanjing 2014 - online, pdf
Guide Olympic Games London 2012 - online,pdf
Guide Mediterranean Games Mersin 2013 - online, pdf
Guide EYOF Utrecht 2013 - online, pdf
Guide Winter Olympic Games Sochi 2014 - online, pdf
Guide Winter Olympic Games Vancouver 2010 - online, pdf


Women in sports
Almanac – 5th Seminary for Female Coordinators in Sports 2012 - online, pdf
Almanac – International Seminary "From Results to the Career in Sports" - online, pdf