Zagreb, 29 April 2022 - The Croatian Olympic Committee (NOC of Croatia) proposed, and the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Olympic Solidarity approved Olympic scholarships to our female and male athletes aimed at helping them to prepare for qualifications and competing at the XXXIII Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

Among ten male and female athletes who will receive a monthly amount of 750 USD in HRK equivalent by the summer of 2024, there are all medalists from the Tokyo Olympics, except for the tennis quartet that brought us a double celebration in the Doubles’ competition (Mektić and Pavić gold, Čilić and Dodig silver), and they are joined by three female aces from martial arts.

The scholarship holders of the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Solidarity for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics are: Matea Jelić and Toni Kanaet (Taekwondo), Tin Srbić (Gymnastics), Tonči Stipanović (Sailing), Damir Martin, Martin and Valent Sinković (Rowing), Nikolina Čaćić (Boxing), Barbara Matić and Karla Prodan (Judo). The IOC's Olympic Solidarity will pay the program's funds to the Croatian Olympic Committee’s account for a period of four months, starting on 1 January 2022, and the funds will be remitted monthly to female and male athletes’ gyro accounts. For the first four-month period (January - April 2022), the Olympic Solidarity has already paid funds in the amount of $3000 per athlete ($750 x 4 months) to the Croatian Olympic Committee’s account, that is, in the equivalent of gross amount of HRK 20,732.87. With these ten athletes and the competent national sports federations, the Croatian Olympic Committee concluded Scholarship Agreements for the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Solidarity Program for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, which stipulate the obligations of all parties involved. Besides the preparation and competition costs, the above Agreement and program guidelines determine the possibility of using these funds for the male and female athletes’ costs intended for their personal, everyday needs, as the so-called pocket-money.

Since the amount of the "allowance" within the monthly amount is determined by the Croatian Olympic Committee, at the proposal of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Working Group, it was decided that the monthly amount of $750 per athlete (in gross amount of the equivalent in HRK) should be paid in full for the purpose of the so-called pocket-money. This is defined as "compensation paid to amateur athletes under special regulations."
The end of the scholarship period for our ten athletes is after the Paris Olympics, ending on 31 August 2024. (NOC of Croatia/VK)