Olympic Solidarity is an independent IOC body in charge of the administration, management and allocation of the NOC's share of the revenue from the sale of the broadcast rights to the Olympic Games.

The main task of the Olympic Solidarity is planning, organizing and controlling the NOC support program execution, especially for those NOCs that need it the most. The IOC Olympic Solidarity Commission is responsible for the management of the Olympic Solidarity activities, which include approving the programs and budgets based on quadrennial plans, program implementation, control and other activities.

The objectives of the Olympic Solidarity program are the contribution to:

-the promotion of the basic principles of the Olympic Movement
-the assistance to NOCs in the preparation of their athletes and teams for the participation in the Olympic Games
-the development of the athletes' and coaches' sports expertise
-the enhancement of the technical level of athletes and coaches in cooperation with NOCs and international sports federations, including through scholarships
-training of sports administrators
-cooperation with organizations and entities pursuing such objectives, especially through Olympic education and the promotion of sport
-the creation (where needed) of simple, functional and cost-effective sports facilities in cooperation with national or international bodies
-the support to the organization of competitions at national, regional and continental level, which NOCs are in charge of or which are held under the auspices of NOCs, and assistance to NOCs in the organization, preparation and participation of their delegations in regional and continental Games
-the encouragement of joint bilateral or multilateral cooperation programs among NOCs
-the encouragement of governments and governmental bodies to include sport in the official development assistance programs

The Olympic Solidarity provides NOCs with financial, expert and administrative support in four-year periods between the Olympic Games in three program areas:

(1) World Programs
(2) Continental Programs
(3) Olympic Games Subsidies

For the period of 2005 – 2008, the Olympic Solidarity presented twenty world programs, which include the main program areas of sport development – athletes, coaches, NOC management and administration enhancement, and promotion of the Olympic values – Sports Medicine, Sport and Environment, Women and Sport, Sport for All, International Olympic Academy, Culture and Education and NOC Legacy – which NOCs find essential in fulfilling the tasks entrusted by the Olympic Charter, and which have been developed to strengthen the support to athletes and NOC structure.