Zagreb, 26 February 2021 - For the purposes of promoting the Tokyo Olympics and the hosting country of Japan, the NOC of Croatia (HOO) and the Association of Croatian Writers (DHK) signed the Agreement on Launching the Haiku Poets Contest titled Towards the Sun - towards the Tokyo Olympics.

In a historical reminder of the beginnings of modern Olympism, the leader of the NOC of Croatia Zlatko Mateša pointed to the fact that several initial editions of the Olympic Games also practiced competition in cultural and artistic achievements, including poetry. Now, this kind of return to the "roots" of Olympism, with the support of the Japanese Embassy to the Republic of Croatia, would nevertheless serve only as an overture to the Tokyo Olympics (July 23rd – August 8th 2021).

Before signing the Agreement, DHK President Zlatko Krilić expressed satisfaction with the return of poetry to the auspice of Olympism and announced the meeting at the home of the Croatian writers at the awards ceremony for the most successful in the contest. DHK Secretary General Marko Gregur said a good response is expected "because one could say that Croatia is also the master of haiku poetry since our poets received awards for their work even in Japan".

The name of the competition Towards the Sun - towards the Tokyo Olympics in a way determines the thematic framework in which the candidates, with a maximum of two haiku poems, will be able to compete for three valuable prizes (3000, 2000 and 1500 HRK), although the contest will not be strictly focused only on sports and Olympism. The coordinator of the contest on behalf of the NOC of Croatia will be Ljiljana Ujlaki Šubić, Head of the International Cooperation Department. 

The promotion of DHK and haiku poetry is planned to take place at some time until the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in the Croatian city-friend of Tokamachi as well. (NOC of Croatia/VK)