Zagreb, April 15, 2020 - By converting the funds of the Central State Office for Sports (SDUŠ) for preserving the workplaces in sports collectives, the Croatian Government provided, at its session held on Thursday, 40 million kuna as support to sports clubs that cannot act during the coronavirus pandemic.

- In order to provide maximum support to the preservation of jobs in the sports sector, extremely important for the Republic of Croatia, financial assistance measures have been adopted for sports organizations. The said measures will allow these stakeholders to claim for their employees  - who will be defined by the invitation itself and who have an employment contract - a compensation for salaries in the amount of up to 3250 kuna for March and up to 4000 kuna for April and May – stated the State Secretary for Sports Tomislav Družak, stressing that these measures will cover almost three thousand beneficiaries.

In order to initiate the most urgent realization of the adopted measures, the Croatian Government launched, after today’s session, the Law on Amendments to the Law on Sports regulating the adopted measures to the Croatian Parliament. After the adoption of the Law by the Croatian Parliament, an invitation will be made and compensations paid out, and all the users that meet the prescribed conditions will be able to make their applications through the application of the Central State Office for Sports.

In addition to financial assistance measures, the Law on Amendments to the Law on sports will also amend Article 61 prescribing the adoption of propositions and competition systems in such a way to have all competition systems regular and implemented in accordance with the Law in times of specific circumstances we are currently in. (SDUŠ/COC)