Baku, July 27, 2019 – On the last day of the XV European Youth Summer Olympic Festival (EYOF) in Baku, the Croatian handball cadets won a gold medal by beating in the final match their peers from Germany with 29-28. It was a game with a lot of turns, especially dramatic in the second half. The Germans turned Croatian 12-9 to 17-21 in the middle of the second part, and then followed a new turn of our team to 23-22. Two minutes before the end, Croatia achieved a hard-to-reach 29-26, which the rival team only managed to mitigate to one hit behind. The bronze medal went to the Danish team, better in the fight for third place than the French with 28-21.


The path to the finals and a gold medal at EYOF did not seem promising – it began with a tie with Slovenia and being beaten by France. However, when it was most important,  Nino Marković’s electees pulled themselves together and achieved a string of victories over Iceland, Denmark and finally, in the fight for gold, Germany...


With a total of 39 hits Fabijan Grubišić is also the best shooter of EYOF's handball tournament in  both -female and  male competitions.


The gold in Baku was won (alphabetically) by: Ivan Barbić, Matija Car, Fabijan Grubišić, Marin Lisac, Dominik Kuzmanović, Rok Malin, Matej Mandić, Jakov Neralić, Mislav Obradović, Zlatko Raužan, Matej Svržnjak, Adam Šalić, David Štrković, Mislav Trninić and Mario Zakić, under the guidance of the Head Coach Nino Marković and coach Krešo Ivanković. Tomica Mađerčić was also in the coaching  staff,  in Baku .


In the finals of the EYOF basketball tournament, our young team members were defeated in the fight for seventh place by the host Azerbaijan with 51-64. Spain defeated Turkey in the finals, and the third was Serbia...


The Croatian Olympic Committee congratulates the young handball team and its coaching  staff,  on the won gold medal in Baku! (COC/VK)