Zagreb, July 28, 2019 – The Croatian Sport Delegation returned on Sunday, in several groups, from the XV European Youth Summer Olympic Festival (EYOF) in Baku. The morning welcome to the golden handball players was followed by greatest shine, happiness and song, enjoyed also by the female and male wrestlers, athletes, tennis players, ... The lobby of the Franjo Tuđman Airport echoed, from time to time, with song and cheerleading of the cadet handball team which, along with the Head Coach Nino Marković and coaching  staff,  has no doubts on confirming its value in the future as well. However, the main individual star was the swimmer Franko Grgić with two gold medals around his neck.


His impressions, summarized in one sentence, reveal that he is a top-notch young swimmer, eager to make constant progress:


-Everything was great, of course I am satisfied with the two gold medals, but in my second performance at 1500 meters, I could have been better...


Two medal winners, golden and silver judokas Ana Viktorija Puljiz and Katarina Krišto arrived in the evening hours. In addition to the floral arrangements in the hands, the first congratulations they received were those by the President of the Croatian Judo Federation and Vice President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Sanda Čorak. Puljiz and Krišto kept smiling, even when they were talking about "imperfections" of the host in terms of EYOF’s Organizational Plan. With medals, as a permanent reminder of the successful performance and unforgettable get-togetherwith the sports youth from all over the homeland, all that is bad is  quickly forgotten...


President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Zlatko Mateša is very pleased with the effect of young female and male athletes at the EYOF in Baku:


-Four gold and one silver medal, thirteenth place by the medals won among 48 European countries, is truly an achievement worthy of commendation. Franko Grgić, judokas, handball players, as well as all the other young male and female athletes represent our aces for the Paris Olympics 2024. (COC/VK)