Zagreb, April 3, 2019 - In the year marking two decades of its release, the magazine Olimp dazzled in a new image. The round, 70th edition is the first in a redesigned edition. It has remained equally attractive, informative and interesting in terms of its content. Interview with the President of the Working Group for Drafting the Proposal of Croatian National Sports Program 2019-2026, the Croatian NOC Vice President Sanda Čorak is the central topic of the edition, Sarajevo’s Winter EYOF - is the main multi-sports event the overview of which this edition of Olimp provides, followed by the regular sections.

Taekwondoka Nika Klepac was presented in the Olympic Hopes section and reminder on the Zadar basketball player Branko Skroče filled the pages foreseen for Olympic legends. There are two interesting and very colorful memories in the permanent supplement History of Olympic Sports – one reminding us of Tokyo Olympics 1964, coming from the contemporary colleague, famous journalist Milka Babović and the second one reminding us of the character and work of the television journalism notable Mladen Delić.
In the latest edition of Olimp, one can read how the woman's journey to equality in sports looked like, how physical education in schools should be organized, the origins of wrestling, as well as topics on sports and sustainable development and today's unavoidable social networks. Along with four featured non-fiction projects, at the final pages of the 70th edition offer an abundance of news in the regular section From Olimp to Olimp. (cnoc/vk)