Zagreb, September 10, 2016 - At the occasional ceremony held on September 10, 2016 at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU) in Zagreb, the Croatian Olympic Committee celebrated 25th anniversary of its establishment and the success of the Croatian athletes. The ceremony was attended by top Croatian athletes, leadership of the Croatian and international Olympic Movement, President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Zlatko Mateša and President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach as a special guest and other dignitaries from the public and sports life attended the ceremony.

On that very day, 25 years ago in Zagreb's Hotel Esplanade, under the chairmanship of today’s Honorary President of the Croatian Olympic Committee and IOC member Antun Vrdoljak, the inaugural session of the Croatian Olympic Committee – whose decisions were crucial for the history of Croatian sports - was held. This event represented the foundation of recognition of the supreme sports body in Croatia, which the International Olympic Committee has acknowledged as early as on January 17, 1992, after the Croatian athletes were granted to participate at the Winter Olympics in Albertville and at the Olympics in Barcelona, which were held same year.

Croatian athletes, in whose honor the date of establishment of the Croatian Olympic Committee was named the Croatian Olympic day – were winning, since the very first performance under the Croatian flag until today’s Olympic year 2016, around 200 medals per year at the competitions on European and world level. In these successes, especially significant are 44 Olympic medals, 33 of which were won at the Summer Olympics (11 gold, 10 silver, 12 bronze) and 11 at the Winter Olympics (4z, 6s, 1b).

At recently finished Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the Croatian athletes have won a record ten medals, five of them gold. Otherwise, the greatest number of Olympic medals, six of them, has been won by the best Croatian athlete of all times, Janica Kostelić, now Deputy Minister of Science, Education and Sports.