Rijeka, July 3, 2019 - Croatian Olympic Academy (HOA) and the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County Sports Association (ZSPGŽ) opened on Korzo in Rijeka the retrospective exhibition "Odlučujući trenutak 2009-2019", marking ten years of holding the international exhibition of the same name with more than 3500 collected photographs. On the occasion of this exhibition, the HOA and the ZSPGŽ printed a monograph that features the photos of photo-contest participants over the last decade. Among them there are 100 of the award-winning photo authors.

Zagreb, July 5, 2019 - Secretary General of the Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO) Josip Čop and Assistant Secretary General for Olympic Program Damir Šegota prepared a reception for a four-day delegation of the Japanese city of Kagawa, that is, the Japanese prefecture of the same name. Thereafter, HOO was visited by the members of the leading body of Kagawa Prefecture (from the government departments for promotion, planning and marketing): Shinike Shinji, Ishihara Yoichi and Hiroshi Hayashi and Kono Saki from the Prefecture Promotion Department . Since the subject of the talks was the stay of Croatian athletes in Kagawa for preparations before the Tokyo Olympics in Tokyo, the delegation was accompanied by the Coach Licensing Secretary of the Croatian Athletic Federation (HAS) Bruno Erent.

Mraclin, July 9, 2019 - A celebration on the occasion of 20th anniversary of publication of the Olimp magazine – whose founder and publisher is the Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO) was held in the picturesque Mraclin, a settlement belonging to Velika Gorica. The celebration – whose host was the Mraclin Football club - was attended by numerous former and current associates of Olimp, representatives of the Velika Gorica City Council, Mraclin Local Committee and local associations, as well as the HOO staff, led by its Heads Zlatko Mateša and Josip Čop and Assistant Secretary General for sports programs at the local level Siniša Krajač.