Zagreb, April 15, 2020 - By converting the funds of the Central State Office for Sports (SDUŠ) for preserving the workplaces in sports collectives, the Croatian Government provided, at its session held on Thursday, 40 million kuna as support to sports clubs that cannot act during the coronavirus pandemic.

Zagreb, April 15, 2020 - International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (MDSRM) is an annual celebration of the power of sports to drive social change, community development and to foster peace and understanding. Since the partners cannot celebrate it in accordance with the clauses of the agreement signed in early February in Zagreb, they jointly propose: LET’’S MARK IT TOGETHER - ONLINE!

Zagreb, April 15, 2020 – Nine years ago (April 4, 2011), Sports Television (SPTV) – the most watched sports channel in Croatia, wholly-owned by the Croatian Olympic Committee – began broadcasting by launching the news show. Besides the France's National Sports Channel, SPTV is the only specialized sports TV media in the world owned by a National Olympic Committee.