Zagreb, April 17, 2019 - In the premises of the Croatian NOC’s (HOO) Center for Rights in Sports, an internal workshop was held which represents the continuation of international cooperation of our center with the European and global legal experts involved in the same field. An exceptionally impressive presentation was held by the Italian lawyer Patrizia Diacci. Diacci presented – in a one-hour--report, interrupted by questions - a system of sports dispute resolution in Italy, including national rules for fighting doping and a very constructive exchange of experiences of a dozen participants and competence and practice of the Italian Center for Rights in Sports.

Since the Italian lawyer is also a co-worker of Mike Morgan's law office from the United Kingdom, who represented the Croatian tennis player Marin Čilić before the Lausanne Court of Arbitration, she also pointed out the issue which was disputable in this case, very interesting to us.
Let us remind you, due to taking the forbidden Nichetamide in 2013, , Marin was punished with a four-month ban on appearances and he also proved his innocence through the process of sports arbitration in Switzerland...

In the role of the host of this gathering was the Head of Croatian NOC’s Center for Rights in Sports Petra Pocrnić Perica. (cnoc/VK)