Zagreb, April 8, 2019 – The Executive Committee of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games (ICGM) met on 6 November in Patras (Greece) with the officials of the Organizing Committee of the 2nd edition of Mediterranean Beach Games, which will be held from 25 to 31 August this year in the said Greek city. The meeting was also attended by Greek Deputy Minister of Sport George Vassiliadis, who pointed to a significant progress in organizational events and promised state support to the host. The ICMG Executive Committee visited the locations of sports venues, approving on the same occasion both them and the number of sport disciplines as well as the program of the second Mediterranean Beach Games.

The supply and accommodation of athletes as well as their escorts are the host’s main priority in the upcoming period and the next visit of the Coordination Committee to Patras is scheduled for 3 May.  In addition to this year’s Beach Games in Patras, at the Executive Committee’s meeting there the Mediterranean Games to be held in Algeria in Oran in 2021 were also discussed. Separate meetings of the ICGM’s Executive Committee, Technical Commission and Medical Commision were held as well. Before the opening of the Executive Committee’s meeting, its President Amar Addadi welcomed a new member of the leading ICGM body, the Croatian representative Ljiljana Ujlaki Šubić, wishing her much success in her new mission. By applying the ICMG Statute, which prescribes the presence of at least two female co–optive members in the 15-members Commission, the Head of the Croatian NOC’s International Cooperation Department became the second co-optive member of the ICGM’s Executive Committee.
The Croatian NOC congratulates Ljiljana Ujlaki Šubić on promotion to the leading body of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games!