Zagreb, April 17, 2019 – The sixth session of the present composition of the Croatian NOC’s Gender Equality in Sport Commission  was held in the premises of the Croatian NOC. The members of the Commission congratulated the President of the Commission and Vice President of the Croatian NOC Morana Paliković Gruden on winning the IOC’s Women and Sport Trophy, presented to her in New York at the end of March. In the festive part, it was pointed out that in the time between the two sessions a member of the Commission, Ratko Cvetnić, became the winner of the HAZU Award for the highest literary achievement in the country and the Head of the Croatian NOC’s Publishing, Public Relations and Web Department Radica Jurkin received the was presented the Croatian Sports Journalists Association (HZSN) Award for Promoting Sports in Publishing.

The President of the Commission emphasized that the award also brings 30,000 US dollars for the new project. She presented three proposals and invited the members of the Commission to submit their own proposals in the forthcoming period in order to have the Commission select the best one for using when applying for these funds.

Commission Secretary Gordana Borko reported on the conclusions of the IX. Seminary for Gender Equality in Sport Female Coordinators held in mid-December 2018, highlighting the necessity of developing and applying the National strategy for the establishment of gender equality in sport. Borko also pointed out that much of the responsibility in spreading the awareness of the Commission's work and on gender equality in sports also lies with the national sports federations, which should spread the information on the topic further to its members.

The Vice President of the Croatian NOC and Commission member Sanda Čorak proposed to have the National strategy for Gender Equality in Sport put on the agenda of the Summer and Winter Olympics Committees and briefly presented the strategic material on the National Sports Program, whose content and significance was mentioned in the 70th edition of Olimp as well,  stressing that one of the measures relates precisely to gender equality in sports, the realization of which will depend on the compliance of the institutions in its implementation.

The members of the Commission are familiar with the brochure of the Agency for electronic media –Recommendations for better monitoring of female sports in electronic media titled Women and Media. The recommendations were assessed as a visible shift in determining the situation of gender equality in sports and distributed - as a material worth the attention of every athlete, sports worker and sports official - in the electronic version to all national sports federations, being also on the Croatian NOC’s website. The members are also familiar with the launch of the website Women and Media. The site will be operational around June 1st and it was emphasized that Dr.Sc. Zlatko Mateša, President of the Croatian NOC proposed the presentation of the project "Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 50:50" and presentation of Olympic candidates. (cnoc/to)