Zagreb, December 12th, 2013 - Although they represent only 17 percent, the sports efficiency of Croatian female athletes is unquestionably above average - even 41 percent with Olympic, World and European medals. These are, of course, women or girls that represent 48 of total of 280 000 in the Croatian sports, as shown by the latest research of the COC Commission for Women in Sports.

In terms of management, the proportion of women in this type of activity in Croatian sports seems to be at the same level as it was in 2007 when the COC Network of Coordinators in Sports was founded. They gathered again on December 11th, 2012 for the 6th seminary entitled “Women in sports: possibilities and restrictions”, held at the Zagreb City Assembly under the leadership of President and Vice-President of the COC Commission Morana Palikovic Gruden, co-organized by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and City Office for Education, Culture and Sports of City of Zagreb.  40 of them, along with guests and representatives of the host, the COC, provided more than enough arguments for further and permanent questioning whether we are doing enough for gender equality in general, whether we strengthen and motivate enough a woman in management position in sports as well as many other issues concerning the integrity of female athlete in the society.

The good news is that the National Sports Federations still have plenty of time to “fix” this by applying – by 2015 - the recommendations given by the COC in February 2012 with the goal to improve the statistics speaking in favor of incomplete understanding of the role of women in sports.

The speakers in these topics, whose research work should contribute to a better understanding of equality in sports and its effects on society as a whole, was Head of the Office for Gender Equality of the Government of Republic of Croatia Helena Stimac Radin, Consultant to the Ombudswoman for Gender Equality Josip Grgic, Expert Consultant for Sports at the City office of the City of Zagreb Tanja Alisic, Secretary of the Commission for Women in Sports Gordana Borko, Dina Rendulic (Croatian Judo Federation), Ana Srsen (Croatian Paralympic Committee) Marina Capan (Sports Association of Karlovac County), Mirna Rajle - Brodanac (Croatian Rowing Federation / Sports Association of Osijek- Baranja County), Ljiljana Kuhta Jelicic (Zagreb Sports Association), Ljiljana Culibrk (Croatian Athletic Federation), Lidija Petrinovic (Croatian Badminton Association), Linda Antic Borak (Croatian Basketball Federation), Ivana Orlic (Association of Sport organizations and alliances of Sisak – Moslavina County), Zrinka Grancaric (Croatian Sailing Federation), Jadranka Protic (Croatian Academic Sports Federation), Mirjana Bosnjak Kobas (Sports Association of Vukovar- Sirmium County), Gordana Furjan Mandic (Croatian Synchronized Swimming Federation), Daniel Prokopec (Croatian Ice Hockey Federation), Jasminka Strelar (Croatian Savate Federation), Maja Milkovic (Croatian Rock`N`Roll Association) and Ratko Cvetnic, member of the COC Commission for Women in Sports, who gave an interesting point of view entitled - “ Why are men born leaders? Or maybe they aren’t?