Gender Equality in Sport 

Aware of the difficulty and complexity of issues that women generally face in the society, and especially their place, position and role in sports, and accepting the IOC initiative to secure equality for women in all the areas of work, activities and  office holding in sports, the Croatian Olympic Committee Council founded the Commission on Care for Women in Sport on December 19, 1996 (since 2015 the Gender Equality in Sport Commission). Until 2000, it was led by former handball player, Olympian and eminent COC Council member Katica Ileš.

The Commission's Program is raising awareness of the role of women in sports, encouraging research on women in sports, especially from a medical, sociological, educational, economic and social point of view, encouraging the inclusion of women in decision-making processes and public media to cover these and other important issues regarding the work of women in sports. In June 2006, the Croatian Olympic Committee started a national project on specialized training for women uponthe proposal by the Commission on Care for Women in Sport, led by the COC Council member Morana Palikovic Gruden. In 2007, it has established a network of female coordinators in counties and national sports federations, in cooperation with the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. In November 2015, as the permanent working body of the Council, the Commission changes its name into Gender Equality in Sport Commission.

Gender Equality in Sport Commission

Zagreb, April 17, 2019 – The sixth session of the present composition of the Croatian NOC’s Gender Equality in Sport Commission  was held in the premises of the Croatian NOC. The members of the Commission congratulated the President of the Commission and Vice President of the Croatian NOC Morana Paliković Gruden on winning the IOC’s Women and Sport Trophy, presented to her in New York at the end of March. In the festive part, it was pointed out that in the time between the two sessions a member of the Commission, Ratko Cvetnić, became the winner of the HAZU Award for the highest literary achievement in the country and the Head of the Croatian NOC’s Publishing, Public Relations and Web Department Radica Jurkin received the was presented the Croatian Sports Journalists Association (HZSN) Award for Promoting Sports in Publishing.

Zagreb, 21. November 2018 - The conference entitled “Good governance and gender equality in sport” was one of many activities recently organised by the Croatian Olympic Committee to promote gender equality in sport and improve good governance. This time, the conference was organised for international representatives of organisations active in the field of science, education and sport with the emphasis on the future of sport. The conference was held on 20 November 2018 in Zagreb, Croatia.

Zagreb, November 14, 2018 - The Croatian Olympic Committee invites the stakeholders from the field of science, education and sport to the conference about the development and implementation of the educational programme for youth who participate in sport or attend the educational programme for a sport-related profession. The conference is open to practitioners (sport coaches, PE teachers, others involved in formal or informal education in sport) and theoreticians (university professors, scientists, researchers), as well as the representatives of the European- and national-level sport organisations and sport clubs including volunteers. Students are also welcome.