Zagreb, 24 October 2020 - Trophy Croatian crossbow shooter Valentina Pereglin is the winner of another prestigious award for a fair play move from 2019. The International Fair Play Committee informed the Croatian Olympic Committee that the great 26-year-old athlete from Dubrava in Vrbovec has been awarded the world fair play trophy "Pierre de Coubertin - The Act of Fair Play".

Let us remind you, in August last year at the 20th World Crossbow Championships in in Ulyanovsk, Russia, Pereglin stepped down from the winning pedestal and immediately handed over the silver medal to her rival from Germany, aware that she received two undeserved points due to judge’s oversight in scoring. In such an outcome, she did not even win a bronze medal and finished in the always ungrateful fourth place, but she won the admiration of the sports world for a truly rare act of sports and human correctness.
The explanation of decision of the International Fair Play Committee’s Council states that her gesture was recognized as an exemplary promotion of fair play in the world of sports. This is Valentina Pereglin’s fourth recognition for last year's fair play move, after the International Crossbow Federation’s Fair Play Diploma, the Croatian Olympic Committee’s annual Fair Play Award and recent recognition of the European Fair Play Movement. The Croatian Fair Play Committee, headed by President Danira Bilić, is responsible for her international candidacies.
Although the International Fair Play Committee used to present awards to deserving individuals at the final annual ceremonies, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's award-presenting ceremony has already been postponed to 2021, and the optimistic plan of its headquarters foresees holding the event in the first half of next year. (COC/VK)

The Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO) and the Croatian Fair Play Committee (HFPO) congratulate Valentina Pereglin on her well-deserved recognition for the fair play act, with which she promoted the Croatian sports and the homeland of Croatia in the best way possible!