Lausanne, 22 October 2020 - Great news came from Lausanne, from a virtual electoral session of the World Olympians Association’s (WOA) General Assembly, at which two-time Croatian Olympian (rowing and bobsleigh) Igor Boraska was elected to the Executive Committee. 190 delegates took part in the session, and for the first time Croatia received a representative in the governing body of the World Olympians Association.  

The President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach opened the electoral session of the WOA Assembly with a welcoming speech and wished everyone a successful electoral session. The current President, Joël Bouzou from France, has been re-elected as the Head of the WOA, after which voting for members of the Executive Committee (one woman and one man) took place across the continents. Already in the first round of elections, the celebrated Croatian Olympian won the majority i.e. 79.17 percent of the votes as the male European representative, while

Pernilla Wilberg, a former very successful alpine skier from Sweden, was elected the female European representative.   

The Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) congratulates Igor Boraska on his election to the Executive Committee of the World Olympians Association! (Croatian Olympians Club/COC/VK)