Zagreb, April 15, 2020 - The Croatian Olympians Club (HKO) donated 125,351.00 kuna to the charity campaign Together for Zagreb, which raises funds for repairing the damage caused by the recent earthquake in Zagreb and its surroundings.

Namely, shortly after the devastating earthquake in Zagreb in late March, the Board of Directors of the Croatian Olympians Club invited, in an electronic session, its members and other top athletes (without Olympic status) to engage in the campaign and - in accordance with their possibilities - help the citizens of the Croatian "metropolis" whose homes and property were most badly damaged in the earthquake. Judging by the amount collected in a bit longer than two weeks, the response of Croatian male and female athletes was in line with their noble hearts with which they are defending the national colors in their sports disciplines.

In addition to the charity of the Croatian Olympians Club, many Croatian athletes around the world participated in campaigns collecting funds for both repairing the damages caused by the earthquake in Zagreb and helping their compatriots in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).  (COC/VK)