Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) and Jamnica dd, long-time partner of the Croatian Olympians, member of the Agrokor Group, marked with the occasional ceremony, held at the Konzum Academy ( ) on June 16, 2016 in Zagreb, the start of the joint campaign on launching of special edition of Jana bottle - Water with message from the Croatian Olympians.


The messages printed on the bottled water Jana in the campaign under the slogan "You can truly win only with the heart” are signed by top Croatian athletes, mostly winners of Olympic medals. The messages emphasize the emotion that drives their extraordinary sports and life creation - athletes Blanka Vlašić and Sandra Perković, boxer and gymnast Filip Hrgović and Filip Ude, sailors Šime Fantela and Igor Marenić, handball players Zlatko Horvat and Ivan Čupić, taekwondo players - sisters Ana and Lucija Zaninović, shooters Snježana Pejčić and Giovanni Cernogoraz, water polo players Maro Joković and Petar Muslim, rowers - brothers Martin and Valent Sinković and one of the best Croatian athletes of all time, the skier Ivica Kostelić. 

The campaign of Jamnica and Croatian Olympic Committee will last from June to September and Jana water with message from the Olympians, such as "You are born with a talent, you win with a heart”, “There is no victory without persistence and without love there is no persistence”, “No race in which I have left my heart is lost” or “Success which is not reached in a fair and honorable way is worth nothing", will be available in all Konzum stores ( 

President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Zlatko Mateša, Assistant Secretary General of the COC for Marketing Ranko Ćetković and Jamnica dd CEO Mislav Galić and his associates attended the ceremony.