Zagreb, March 8, 2016 - In cooperation with the long-time partner of Croatian athletes and Olympians, the company Porsche Croatia, the Croatian Olympic Committee presented on March 8, at the headquarters of Porsche in Velika Gorica, the Croatian Olympic Athletics Team Rio 2016.

Among 11 athletes, evident travelers to Rio, there are Sandra Perković, winner of gold Olympic medal in discus throwing (London Olympics) and Blanka Vlašić, winner of silver medal in high jump (Beijing Olympics). Besides them, there are other athletes with Olympic experience such as Ana Šimić (high jump) and Ivan Horvat (pole vault) – participants at the London Olympics in 2012, followed by Andrea Ivančević (100m hurdles), Matea Matošević and Marija Vrajić (marathon), Marin Premeru, Filip Mihaljević and Stipe Žunić (shot put) and Sara Kolak (spear) - Olympic debutants. Otherwise, since Barcelona 1992 until London 2012, there were 53 Croatian athletes participating at the Olympics, in largest number at the Sydney Olympics (16). The company Porsche Croatia d.o.o. - host of the Olympians and representatives of the Croatian Olympic Committee - is a member of the largest European automotive retail family Porsche Holding from Salzburg that operates in twenty countries throughout Europe, and at the Croatian automotive market the company holds 32 percent of market share.