ZAGREB, 13 June 2008 - Nothing will be the same from today on - at least regarding medical care for top athletes. Ericsson Nikola Tesla, a leading global communications company used a unique application system to network state-of-the-art computer expertise and technology into medical care for athletes, said Zlatko Matesa, President of the Croatian Olympic Committee at the special partnership agreement signing ceremony between the two institutions at the Ericsson headquarters in Zagreb on 13 June 2008.

Boris Labar, Chairman of the Medical Commission of the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC), believes the presented project to be the basis for a future Sports Medicine Institute in a functional and virtual sense. Thanks to high expertise and technically innovative solutions, the application makes it possible for any authorized member of the medical team who treats athletes to access their medical files from anywhere, at any time, and obtain an insight into their medical histories, functional, lab and other test results, anthropometric data and other specific information about athletes.

The first digital medical files will be created for the candidates for the Beijing Olympics. The agreement was signed by Josip Cop, COC Secretary General and Gordana Kovacevic, CEO of Ericsson Nikola Tesla. Numerous prominent sporting figures attended the ceremony, as did members of the COC Council led by COC President Zlatko Matesa, representatives of national sporting associations, Chairman of the COC Medical Commission Boris Labar, Assistant Secretary General for Marketing Ranko Cetkovic, Finance and IT Assistant Kresimir Raos, COC Head of Medical Care Mimi Vurdelja and representatives of the media.