Zagreb, May 23, 2016 (Hina) - The central national celebration of the International Olympic Day was held in Zagreb on Monday at the SRC (Sports Recreational Center) "Mladost" in memory of June 23, 1894, when the idea on reviving the Olympic Games was born at the Paris Sorbonne.

"The organization of this global celebration includes today more than 200 national Olympic families around the world and this day is celebrated worldwide because back in 1948, the International Olympic Committee proclaimed “June 23rd” the significant date, aimed at promoting the Olympic Movement and all the moral and pedagogical values ​​that sport carries to the society as a whole", said the master of the Olympic Day celebration program in Croatia, Danira Bilić.

Former European basketball Most Valuable Player is also the Head of Department for Promotion of Olympism at the Croatian Olympic Academy, which is, together with the Croatian Olympic Committee, Croatian Olympians Club, Croatian School Sports Federation and Croatian Sports Museum, the organizer of the Olympic Day celebration in Croatia.

"We must not forget the Croatian Society of Olympic Philately and Memorabilia and the Croatian Institute for Toxicology and Antidoping and their contribution to the organization of this year's celebration - in 2016, they will organize ten different program activities based on sports and education", said Bilić.

The main participants in the celebration of the 9th Day of the Universal Sports School and the celebration of the International Olympic Day were the students-participants of the Universal Sports Schools program from all the Croatian counties. More than 800 primary and high schools students demonstrated their sports knowledge and skills while enjoying the socializing, fair play, friendship and mutual respect. The event was also attended by our famous Olympians: Damir Škaro, Franjo Arapović, Jelena Ivezić, Danira Nakić, Nikša Prkačin and Zoran Primorac.

Nationwide Celebrations Mark Olympic Day in Croatia