The development of sport at local and regional levels and creating prerequisites to such effect are issues of special interest to the Croatian Olympic Committee. Together with county and local sports associations, it is exceptionally proactive in encouraging, planning and harmonizing sports programs in all parts of Croatia.

It is with this objective that the Joint Programs of the Croatian Olympic Committee and Local Sports Associations have been developed. Special attention is paid to the encouragement of development programs on islands and areas destroyed by war. Croatian Lottery also supports local sports projects by participating in the Joint Project of the Croatian Olympic Committee and Croatian Lottery.

Programs aiming at the upbringing of children and youngsters through sport occupy a special place in shaping local sport development, for example the projects titled From Sports School to Olympic Games and the national project titled the Croatian Kindergarten Olympic Festival, which has had an increasing number of participants each year. Over 14,000 children participated in it in 2008.


Through the program titled the Croatian Olympic Day, the Croatian Olympic Committee tries to encourage all age groups to get involved in a sports activity on a regular basis, but also to promote the values of the international Olympic movement, to which Croatia and its sports associations belong.