Zagreb, April 30, 2019 – The ceremony of presenting the HAZU (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts) awards for the highest scientific and artistic achievements has traditionally been held - as part of the Academy Day celebration - for a quarter of the century. There were five laureates for the last year (2018), proclaimed by the President of the HAZU Awards Committee, the Academician Koraljka Kos. Ratko Cvetnić, a longtime associate of the magazine Olimp and member of two Croatian NOC’s commissions - Information and Publishing Commission and Gender Equality in Sport Commission - was also among them. Cvetnić received the HAZU award for the field of literature, namely for the book Blato u dvorištu.

 The other winners are: Zlatko Drmac and Nikola Pernar in the field of natural sciences and mathematics, Ankica Čilaš Šimpraga in the field of philological sciences and Hrvoje Pandžić in the field of technical sciences.

Ratko Cvetnić thanked on behalf of the winners, stressing that "the rewarded people are those who, as Voltaire said, by cultivating their garden, pass through various conditions that include doubts, effort, loneliness...". He added that the recognitions "from the high observatory" represent the confirmation that someone sees our garden and its fruits. He believes that HAZU is an institution that is obliged to retain the criteria and thus, on behalf of the recipients of the award, he promised that "high recognitions will not spoil them not to cultivate their garden".

The Croatian National Olympic Committee congratulation Ratko Cvetnić on valuable award presented by the  Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts!  (Hina/cnoc/VK)