Zagreb, March 22, 2017 – The new edition of the “Olimp” magazine was released a couple of days ago. Upon the recommendation of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Council it is entirely dedicated to female athletes, sports officials, coaches, employees, volunteers, promoters of sports values, as written in the editorial by the Secretary General of the Croatian Olympic Committee, Josip Čop ".... to women carefully working, on daily basis, for the benefit of the Croatian sport”. He also highlighted that today only a few countries in the world can boast with a female president and a woman being elected to the position of the first Secretary of the State Office for Sports.

"The Croatian Olympic Committee is particularly proud of the fact that its current composition counts two Vice Presidents, and that - since the very founding of the Croatian Olympic Committee - women have played a significant role not only as members of the Council but also in carrying out the operational duties. For many years now, "Olimp" has a column "Women in Sports", and – due to their exceptional achievements – the Croatian female athletes were on its front page on numerous occasions - starting from Janica Kostelić, Blanka Vlašić, Sanja Jovanović, Snježana Pejčić, Martina Zubčić, Sandra Šarić, Zaninović sisters, to Sandra Perković and Sara Kolak. Our great female athletes, who are – according to the international criteria as well – at the "sports Olympus", highlighted the Secretary General of the Croatian Olympic Committee.

The “Olimp” magazine is available on the Croatian Olympic Committee’s website  and in the libraries of primary and high schools and libraries of colleges and institutions of higher education of the Republic of Croatia.