The Croatian Olympic Academy (COA) was founded following the decision of the Croatian Olympic Committee Council on 27 June 1996 in compliance with the provisions of the IOC Olympic Charter, that is, with the NOC tasks to promote the basic principles of Olympism at the national level.


The Croatian Olympic Academy acted as a Croatian Olympic Committee body until 2003, when it was registered as a public non-profit institution in accordance with the Croatian Institutions Act.


The activities of the Croatian Olympic Academy are based on the guidelines of the International Olympic Academy, founded by the International Olympic Committee in 1961, and on the interests of the Croatian Olympic Committee to promote cultural values, education of sports professionals, respect for fair play, ethic and moral principles and the Olympic ideals.


The Croatian Olympic Academy is managed by the Management Board consisting of five members. The post of the COA President, which was held by President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Zlatko Matesa for some time, has been held by Franjo Prot since 3 December 2008.


Croatian Olympic Academy Headquarters:
Trg Kresimira Cosica 11, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
+385 01 3650599
+385 01 3650553