The Croatian Olympic Committee Assembly is the highest governing body, which:
-adopts the Bylaws and other general documents, as well as amendments thereof sets the development strategy and policy for Croatian sport
-makes decisions on the membership in international sports and non-governmental associations of interest for the Croatian Olympic Committee and Croatian sport
-verifies the establishment of relations with other NOCs

-makes decisions on bidding to host the Olympic Games, Mediterranean Games and other multisport events, which need formal decision
-makes decisions on the verification of its members, election of the President and three Vice-Presidents, and members of the Council, Supervisory Board and Sports Arbitration Council
-makes decisions on the status of its members – joining, sanctions and termination of membership
-establishes the principles and basic requirements for the sports competitions system in the Republic of Croatia
-founds the Ethics Committee and the Croatian Olympic Academy
-founds special committees to perform certain tasks
-adopts annual and multi-annual plans and programs of public needs for sport at state level and reports on program and funds execution
-sets the criteria for the participation in the Olympic Games


The Assembly is composed of one representative per each national sports federation, county association and non-governmental association and institution, three representatives of the Croatian Olympians Club and the Croatian IOC Member ex officio. The representatives of national sports federations - members of international sports federations, which are included in the Olympic program, have two votes in the Assembly.


Assembly members are elected for a term of four years, which begins on the day of the verification of their mandates. A person may be re-elected for a second term. A member, who is elected later on during the term, serves until the end of the term of the Assembly, for which he or she has been elected. Exceptionally, if an Assembly member cannot attend a meeting, the body in charge at the respective national sports federation, county or other association may appoint a substitute member for that meeting, based on a written decision. Mandates of substitute members must be verified by the Assembly.