Zagreb, 8 December 2020 - Elementary school Petar Preradović from Zagreb announced that it was presented the award for the best European sports education project in the EuropeanCommission's 2020 #BeActive Awards. The Project Walking Around the Earth, conceived by the Professor Juraj Horžić, won the first prize in the Education category, having previously entered among the three finalists on the continental level.

Aware of the fact that children are less and less mobile, spending a lot of time on mobile phones, laptops and tablets, and especially in the current pandemic situation, the staff of the elementary school Petar Preradović from Zagreb decided to start and encourage them to get involved in physical activity with the project "Walking Around the Earth". The project was implemented through a series of challenges in which students from 5th to 8th grade of elementary school and high school students mastered the given route with some physical activity (such as walking, running, rollerblading and cycling). The first challenge was launched in mid-April 2020, when the participants (students, parents and school staff) embarked on a virtual adventure of walking around the Earth. The task was to walk together or run a little bit more than 28 000 km (along the west-east line from Zagreb to Zagreb, i.e., from the elementary school Petar Preradović and back, along the 45th parallel) in the shortest time possible. The challenge was achieved in just 12 days, with a total of 555 actively involved participants (the school has 383 students).

The representatives of the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) - President Zlatko Mateša, who congratulated all the laureates via video link and Croatian Olympic Committee’s European Union Programs; Funds and EU Program Coordinator Alma Papić - participated in the virtual award-presenting ceremony of the European Commission. Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, delivered her closing remark with congratulations to the award winners in three categories. (COC/GB)

The Croatian Olympic Committee congratulates Professor Horžić and all the other staff members of the elementary school Petar Preradović on winning the prestigious European Commission’s award!