Zagreb, 14 October 2020 - In the next three days (15, 16 and 17 October), we are celebrating Erasmus Days, the program in which the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) has been participating for years as project holder or partner. It is a special annual celebration of the Erasmus+ program, the largest program of the European Union intended for education, training, youth and sports. The Croatian Olympic Committee is currently involved in seven projects, in two of them as project holder.

During three days, five projects will be presented on Croatian Olympic Committee’s social networks. In addition to iSport (Investments in Sport) and EVIS (Economic Dimension of Volunteering in Sport), whose holder is the Croatian Olympic Committee, attention will be given to the projects EPOSM ( Evidence-based Prevention Of Sporting-related Natch-fixing), USCVol (Urban Sport and Culture Volunteers) and WeCare (With establishment of national care and development centers we support elite athletes in balancing their sport and education/employment results), in which the Croatian Olympic Committee participates as partner organization. 

Data from the satellite account for sports show that sports is the driver of economy and employment. It was made by the Croatian Olympic Committee with partners as part of the iSport project (Investments in Sport), and it will soon be presented in Zagreb. National conferences are part of the iSport project (whose coordinator is the COC), aimed at encouraging the investments in sport in dialogue with key actors. The conferences were first held in Vienna, Lisbon, Vilnius through London, Luxembourg, Nicosia up to Zagreb, where it is planned for 30 November 2020.

With the EVIS project (Economic dimension of volunteering in sport), the Croatian Olympic Committee wants to show how much volunteers mean to us in sports. According to popular opinion, shared by the President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Zlatko Mateša, a study on the role of volunteers in sport with expressed financial effect of their engagement - would show fascinating figures.

The COC’s partnership in the EPOSM project or preventing match-fixing based on evidence will help fighting the plague that erodes chivalry and Olympic values ​​embedded in sport. The results of research conducted in Croatian football, tennis and basketball will help as well. The fans of urban sports can apply to volunteer at a sports competition (USCVol).

The We Care project aims to support all athletes in coordinating education and involvement in top sports, reducing at the same time the possibility of injuries (by raising awareness about injuries, as well as by educating the coaches and athletes). The end goal is to establish a career center for athletes.

Among those who supported the celebration of Erasmus Days (a tradition since 2017) is the great Croatian taekwondo fighter Kristina Tomić, an obvious candidate for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, and also an ambassador of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s campaign for Tokyo Olympics "Towards the Sun". (COC)