Vienna, 31 January 2019 - The European Commission and the Council of Europe organized a seminary under the project entitled " ALL IN: Towards gender balance in sport", held from 28 to 30 January 2019 in Vienna. The representatives of Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Israel, Portugal and Spain participated in the three-day seminary. The Croatian NOC was represented by the European Union Programs; Funds and EU Program Coordinator Alma Papić, who will conduct a survey in Croatia on the representation of women in Olympic sports.

The survey will be conducted in 19 European countries that will use the same methodology, which will allow a comparative analysis of the status of women in sports and provide indicators for key areas of action at the level of national and European policies.
The participants of the seminary gained additional skills and knowledge on gender equality in sports, creating policies and strategies based on statistical data, as well as instructions for collection of data on the position of women in the national sports system.
The data collection campaign begins in Croatia on February 18, 2019, when the Croatian NOC will send a questionnaire to national sports federations in Olympic sports. Their response will be the key for achieving the planned results of this project.

The Croatian NOC representative Alma Papić presented the project SUCCESS, which enabled the additional education of women in leading positions in sports, of which 15% progressed immediately after the completion of the educational program. One of the more interesting presented examples of good practice was the Athens project, supported in Israel with $ 25 million provided by their Ministry of Culture and Sports. The funds are invested in various projects aimed at strengthening the position of women in sports, from organizing education programs on leadership up to building sports facilities designed and adapted to the needs of women. Owing to such an approach, Israel has recorded a large increase in women at leading positions in sports organizations, but also women who are engaged in sports and achieve top sports results.