Prague, October 26, 2018 - Olympic Festival is the tool of the future and recognized as such by the International Olympic Committee - could be heard in Prague at the recently completed conference of project participants, male and female representatives of seven National Olympic Committees (Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France , Belgium, the Netherlands and Finland and the region of South Bohemia).

Olympic festivals are a new Olympic initiative adopted by the IOC-s Executive Board in July 2017 aimed at promotion of the Olympic Games. This should be achieved through organization of NOCs’ local festivals with the goal of making the Olympism more popular among the local population of a certain country and bringing the athletes closer to the wider public and particularly – to the younger generations.

Events organized from 2014 to 2016, on which this project is based, are again grouped under the common name of sports parks, inspired by the Olympic Games. Following the cooperation with the International Olympic Committee and its adoption of the new Olympic tool – the Olympic Festival, Sports Parks organized by the National Olympic Committees are under the auspices of the Olympic Festivals since Winter Olympics 2018. The first Olympic Festivals were organized in Czech cities of Brna and Ostrava, at the Slovenian Rogla and in French Grenoble.

The Croatian Olympic Committee, represented in Prague by the European Union Programs; Funds and EU Program Coordinator Alma Papić and Head of Publishing, Public Relations and Web Department Radica Jurkin, based its practical activities primarily on the Olympic Festivals of kindergartens and celebrations of the Olympic Day.

- Olympic Festivals bring special energy to people, bring them closer to the sports activities and develop an Olympic spirit in them - said Alme Papić, Head of the Olympics Festival Project in Croatia.
The project will be finalized by a manual, whose promotion is expected at the ANOC session in Tokyo that will be held on November 23rd of the Olympic year 2020. (COC/VK)