Zagreb, October 24th, 2013 - In co-organization of the Croatian Lottery and French Institute for International and Strategic Relations (IRIS), supported by the European Commission and European Lottery, in headquarters of the host, the Croatian Olympic Committee, on October 29th an international seminary on the battle against match fixing and illegal betting was held.

The participants of the seminary, mostly the representatives of national sports federations, had the opportunity to hear the international experience concerning this relatively covert form of organized crime the International Olympic Committee, protecting the integrity of sports and Olympism, has strongly alerted to, giving priority to undertaking of all the necessary measures against the same.

Pim Verschuuren, IRIS’s expert and Christian Kalb, IRIS’s consultant from the company CK Consulting, talked about the match fixing and illegal betting problems, presenting the results of research carried out at the global level, which have proven that match fixing and illegal betting represent an extremely important issue that threatens the integrity of sports.

The Institute’s experts Verschuuren and Kalb specifically pointed out the danger the athletes are exposed to - from manipulative methods to physical threats and blackmail. The possibilities for destroying this plague in sports, in addition to the legislation, are increased and targeted research, strict punishments and international cooperation, information and education of all participants in sports.