Josip Guberina was COC Secretary General from 2 April to 30 November 2002, when Ivica Stosic Miocic was elected. As Secretary General of the Croatian Handball Federation (a position he held from 1994 to 1996) he was on the Olympic delegation to Atlanta in 1996, where the Croatian handball players won the gold medal – the first Olympic gold under the Croatian flag.


Josip Guberina started his rich career as a sports official, holding many positions in municipal sports institutions, such as the Zagreb Physical Culture Association, in which he was Secretary General from 1984 to 1990. Before becoming Secretary General of the Croatian Handball Federation in 1994, he managed two handball clubs in Zagreb: Modea and Zagreb.


Josip Guberina, who holds a degree in Kinesiology, was born in Sibenik in 1944. After working in sports for almost 36 years, when he left the Croatian Handball Federation, he turned to folklore.


This was another of his earlier activities – he had had a successful career as a dancer in his youth. In 1996, he became General Manager of the Lado Croatian Folk Dance Ensemble and remained in this position until May 2002. In that year, Lado received a distinguished Porin Croatian Music Award for their overall artistic work. In April 2004, Josip Guberina became Music Program Director at Croatian Radio and Television, thus becoming its Board member.