Zlatko Matesa is the third COC President since 1991. He was elected in October 2002, after Zdravko Hebel resigned, and he served until the end of that term in 2004. His primary task at the time was the organisational, programmatic and financial restructuring and stabilization of the Croatian Olympic Committee.

He successfully completed this task and won the trust of the COC Assembly members, who re-elected him as COC President in October 2004 to a full term until 2008. After that he was re-elected to a full term until 2012, and in November 2012 he became the COC President for the 4th time, until 2016. In 2006, he became a member of the EOC Preparation of the Olympic Games Commission.

An athlete himself; a water polo player, sports pilot and sailor; as COC President, Zlatko Matesa deserves much credit for the foundation of the first Croatian Athletes Foundation, the Drazen Petrovic Memorial Centre, the COC Fair Play Committee, and for the enhancement of the scholarship program for young team sports athletes and the top coaches co-financing program.

As a sports official, he has held leading positions in the organising committees of international competitions. His sports reputation contributed to the fact that Croatia was entrusted with hosting major sporting events, such as the 2007 World Table Tennis Championships and the 2009 Men's World Handball Championship.

Zlatko Matesa, who holds a Masters degree in Law, was born on 17 June 1949. He was a member of the Croatian Parliament until 2003 and Prime Minister from 1995 to 2000. He earned his PhD at Beijing Sport University in 2009, and he is Vice Dean and professor of Strategic Management at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management.


Zdravko Hebel, COC president (16.10.2000. - 16.10.2002.)

Antun Vrdoljak, COC president (10.09.1991. - 16.10. 2000.)