Zagreb, April 24, 2018 - Chess grandmaster and European Senior Champion Ivan Šarić had two reasons to be pleased when he came to the premises of the Croatian Olympic Committee this Tuesday.

Having been categorized by the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Council at its 16th session held a day before, based on his outstanding result despite not meeting all the criteria, the Croatian Olympic Committee provided Šarić with for his training necessary aid as well – a laptop. This happened only three weeks after returning as a sensational European Champion from European Championships in Georgia, telling the President Zlatko Mateša at the Croatian Olympic Committee’s reception that " a strong and high-quality laptop" is very important technical support.

- Thank you for this gift, which will be of great help to my chess career. Laptop is the only piece of equipment that I really need and I have to praise people from the Croatian Olympic Committee because this problem of mine has been solved extremely quickly for Croatian circumstances - said Šarić, after the Vice President Sanda Čorak handed him over the device, worth around 13,000 kuna.

The host, Croatian Olympic Committee’s Secretary General Josip Čop, pointed out that the search for the equipment required by the European Chess Champion started immediately when it was needed and that the Croatian Olympic Committee complied with the device specifications as requested by the chess grandmaster.

Secretary General of the Croatian Chess Federation Alojzije Janković talked about Federation’s very ambitious plans for the future:

- I thank the Croatian Olympic Committee for the prompt reaction for Ivan Šarić, particularly the President Zlatko Mateša, who could not attend the delivery itself. This act is another proof of our excellent cooperation. Besides Ivan, who is also a candidate for the World Champion, we have very good chess players and we will try to increase the Federation’s annual budget and implement a project of introducing chess in schools...

Neven Šavora, Head of Croatian Olympic Committee’s Research and Development Program Enhancement Department, explained that listing in the Development Program III. will bring Šarić 42,000 kuna annually (for preparations, professional work, vitaminization, etc.) and Robert Gojević, Assistant Secretary General for National Sports Federations Programs, confirmed that the laptop and performance at the European Championships were also funded from regular budget funds.

When asked by Sanda Čorak how do the physical preparations of a chess player look like before the performance – the European Champion, currently leading in the ranking for the title of the Croatian champion, gave an interesting answer:

- Of physical efforts, I do mostly the running. Actually, I do only that. I do not pay attention either to other activities, or vitamins... (coc/vk)