Poreč, 18-19 May 2021 - Great recognition came to the Croatian Karate Federation and its President a day before the start of the European Senior Karate Championships in Poreč 's Sports Hall Žatika. The European Karate Federation (ECF) Congress was held at the hotel Parentium on Tuesday, where the Head of the rsaHCroatian Karate Federation (HKS) Davor Cipek was elected to the Executive Board of Europe's umbrella karate organization.

- I am extremely happy and proud that the European Karate Federation has shown the Croatian Karate Federation the confidence to organize the EKF election congress. The secret ballot elected ten new members of the Executive Board for the new mandate period and gave me the honor of being among the elect. This is a truly great victory, charged for the work of all members of the Croatian Karate Federation, athletes, coaches and judges. I sincerely thank them. I would especially like to thank the Organizing Committee of the European Championship for the magnificent organization of this event, said Cipek.

But that wasn't the end of the recognitions to the HKS. The very next day (Wednesday), at the first meeting of the new EKF Executive Board, HKS leader Cipek was elected Secretary General of the European Karate Federation.

- I feel proud first of all, but not for myself, but for the Croatian Karate Association - one big family - and all the employees in the Croatian karate. Last year we celebrated 50 years of activity. I think this is the best acknowledgement, now only one of our competitors needs to win the medal to round out this story in the best possible way. By electing me as Secretary General of the EKF, not only has my long-term work in the Croatian Karate Federation since 2001 been awarded, but also the work of all members of the Federation, concluded Cipek.

HKS and Davor Cipek received plenty of compliments from the President of the European and World Karate Federation Antonio Espinosa, who does not hide his enthusiasm for Poreč.

- This is my first time in Poreč. I have visited the venues and sports halls where the championships will be held and I am impressed with the level and quality of everything I have seen. I'm sure this will be a great championship. The selection of Davor Cipek is a tribute to Croatia and Davor for the good work they do for karate, said Espinosa.

The European Championships is attended by 646 competitors from 47 countries, and the Sports Hall Žatika in a special sports outfit, but also with all current epidemiological measures, is ready to welcome all participants.

The President of the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) Zlatko Mateša and Secretary General Siniša Krajač congratulated HKS President Davor Cipek on his prestigious duty as Secretary General of the EKF and on his election as a member of the Executive Board, the highest body of the European karate. Together with his associates, he also earned congratulations for the great organization of the European Karate Championships in Poreč!