Poreč / Zagreb, 23 May 2021 - Croatian men's karate team is on the roof of Europe! The team consisting of: Ivan and Anđelo Kvesić, Enes Garibović, Zvonimir Živković, Ante Mrvičić, Ivan Martinac and Karlo Raguž, won a historic gold medal in Team Kumite at the European Karate Championships in Poreč. On the final day of the Championships, in the final match against the Montenegrin team - the greatest surprise at the European Championships – our team took victory by defeating the Montenegrins with 3-0.

The captain of the Croatian team Anđelo Kvesić was the first to go out on tatami and win (3-1). The Montenegrins surrendered the second match due to injury to their representative (8-0 for Croatia), and the third, on this occasion the decisive match, was very demanding. But Ivan Martinac did it in a superb way against the very combative Mario Hodžić.
- Huge success and first, historical gold for Croatia right at the European Championships in Croatia, so we really wrote history. We're all so happy, it was a lot easier than expected. The first three rounds decided - a 3-0 victory and gold around the neck - said Ivan Kvesić, complimenting his teammates as well as Montenegro's rivals on their great success.
Croatia won a total of four medals at the European Championships in Poreč. In addition to Sunday's brightest medal, the Croatian Karate Federation’s showcase – besides the medal from the Old continent's host championship - also features women's team bronze and Enes Garibović's individual bronze in the -75kg category. In addition, Danijela Topić won a bronze medal in para-karate.

The President of the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) Zlatko Mateša and Secretary General Siniša Krajač congratulate the men's karate team on their historic winning of European title:

Our dear male and female karatekas,

Dear sports friends from the Croatian Karate Federation,

it is a bit surreal success that you achieved at the European Championships in Poreč, for which we know you only stepped in a few months ago as a replacement destination. In addition to the historic continental team title, team bronze of the women's national team and individual won by Enes Garibović, we also got the first karate Olympian - Ivan Kvesić and the new Secretary General of the European Karate Federation Davor Cipek! If we look back into the history, it is difficult to recall that a sports event in Croatia had such great and versatile results. On behalf of the Croatian sports family, we first congratulate all the medalists, then the winner of the Olympic standard for Tokyo and the President of the Croatian Karate Federation on this prestigious recognition. Above all, we congratulate the Croatian Karate Federation and its partners on the great organization of the European Championships in Poreč, for which the most frequently mentioned rating of participants is – A-plus!