Poreč, 19 May 2021 - The best Croatian male karateka Ivan Kvesić won the performance at the Tokyo Olympics! In addition, the Croatian middleweight athlete (up to 84 kg) will compete for bronze medal at the Senior European Karate Championship in Poreč, after the semifinals defeat to Turkey's Uğur Aktaş, who directly "steered" our great athlete towards Tokyo by placing seventh at the European Championships.

In their semifinals match, Aktaş was celebrating with tight 3-2 in points, but already his pass into the top four at the European Championships meant an open path to Tokyo for Ivan Kvesić. The reason for this mini-mess and new anticipation for Kvesić lies in the merger of two categories at the Tokyo Olympics - its original middleweight and heavyweight (+84 kg).

Ivan Kvesić was free in the first round of the middleweight category at the European Championships in Poreč. In the second round he beat Denmark 's Jonas Friis-Pedersen with 3-0, as well as France's Farouk Abdesselem. He fought with Dutchman Brian Timermmansin in the quarterfinals, and since the match ended scoreless, Kvesić won the semifinals with a 5-0 victory.

Let us remind you, Ivan Kvesić had already celebrated his status of an evident Olympic candidate for Tokyo last March, but by reversing the World Karate Federation's decision in May of that year, he lost his direct placement. Now, however, he became the 44th Croatian athlete with a secured "visa" for Tokyo Olympics.

The President of the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) Zlatko Mateša and Secretary General Siniša Krajač congratulated Ivan Kvesić and his coach Danijel Vucičić in person in Poreč on winning the Olympic "visa" for Tokyo. They also wished them a new historical venture for the Croatian karate - winning their first Olympic medal!