Barcelona, July 28, 2018.- Croatian water polo players, current World Champions, won a bronze medal at the European Championships in Barcelona, defeating Italy in a fight for the third place with 10-8.

Although they were competing for bronze without punished official Ivica Tucak, under the guidance of his assistant Mile Smodlaka, the opened the game with furious 4-0, keeping the advantage of at least two goals, which proved to be way out of their league for the Italians. Jolly Loren Fatović led our team with three goals, Andro Bušlje and Luka Lončar scored two each... In his review of the match for bronze and the semi-finals match with Serbia, Fatović showed his sports greatness, apologizing to the Serbian captain and to the public for non-sports kicking of the rival’s player...

This is the fourth medal of Croatian water polo players under their own flag, won at the European Championships and the first European bronze in a trophy collection of a total of 13 medals from major competitions.
The continuity of winning the medals is kept and this is, according to the official Tucak, the most important fact from the European Championships in Barcelona. Serbian National Team defended the title of the European Champion after better performance of five-meter shots in the finals against the Spain host. (coc/vk)