Zagreb, December 7, 2019 - At the last World Taekwondo Grand Prix in 2019 in Moscow, the member of the Croatian national team Matea Jelić won a silver medal in the category -67 kg, which also that she reached the Olympic standard for Tokyo 2020. After three consecutive victories (Kazakhstan's Tursunkulova 10-8, Britain's Williams 34-32 and France's Wiet Henin 8-7), a 21-year-old Knin native and member of Split's TK Marjan, was narrowly defeated (7-8) in the final duel by Ruth Gbagbi of Ivory Coast.

However, the silver medal was enough for her Tokyo "visa", since the newly earned points made her the third taekwondoka in her (Olympic) category. Concerning the other Croatian representatives at the Grand Prix in Moscow – Kristina Tomić, Nikita Glasnović, Bruna Vuletić, Iva Radoš, Lovre Brečić and Toni Kanaet6, only the latter (Kanaet) – with his score in quarterfinals – possibly reached the standard for Olympic performance in Tokyo. In order to confirm that status, Kanaet needs the Russian Khramtsov (by whom he was defeated in quarterfinals) to keep his first position in the rankings of -80 kg. This way Kanaet (6th-placed) would get the change to perform in Tokyo.

Croatian Olympic Committee congratulates Matea Jelić on reaching the Olympic standard for Tokyo 2020, as well as on winning silver at the Grand Prix in Moscow!