Zagreb November 3, 2019 - On the last day of the special edition of European Championships in Taekwondo in the Italian city of Bari, Croatia reached the third medal, won by our best taekwondoka Matea Jelić, member of Split club Marjan, in the category -67 kg. In the first round Jelić was free and in the second she defeated Russian Karina Zhdanova with 14-8. In quarterfinals as well as in the fight for bronze, Jelić was better than Serbian Nadica Božanić, World Junio Champion and Olympic Vice Champion at the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, with a convincing 18-5.

The strong obstacle was the double consecutive European Champion, Britain's Lauren Williams, who was better than Jelić in the semifinals with 17-12, resulting in our representative’s previously secured bronze medal. After Swiss Montreaux 2016, this is Jelić’s second medal at the competitions of the best European taekwondokas.
The performance at the European Senior Championships 2019, which was subsequently held due to the absence of  taekwondo competitions at the June’s European Games in Minsk, the Croatian National Team (with a total of eight representatives) ended with silver medals won by Lovro Brečić and Toni Kanaet and bronze won by Matea Jelić.

Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) congratulated taekwondokas Lovro Brečić, Toni Kanaet and Matea Jelić for winning European medals in Bari. (COC/VK)