Zagreb, April 9, 2019 - The current Olympic winner in Trap, Croatian shooter Josip Glasnović won a gold medal at the World Cup held in the city of Al Ain (United Arab Emirates), where in the qualifications he reached the World Record with all 125 shot targets, followed by the finals where he beat Thailand’s Savate Sresthaporn. Glasnović and Sresthaporn first shot 47 out of 50 targets in the finals and being thus entitled to cracking the last series for gold. In the cracking, Josip shot nine and Thai shooter eight targets. Germany’s Paul Pigorsch took the third place.

Besides the Olympic winner from Rio de Janeiro in 2016, there were other Croatian National Team members such as Anton Glasnović and Giovanni Cernogoraz, but they did not manage to reach the finals. Anton Glasnović took the 31st place with 120 hit targets and after 119 hits Cernogoraz took the 48th place in qualifications in the competition of 142 shooters.

By winning in Al Ain, Josip Glasnović qualified for performance at Tokyo Olympics 2020, being the fourth Croatian shooter to manage this. Before him, Snježana Pejčić, Petar Gorša and Miran Maričić qualified for performance in Tokyo. Appearance at Tokyo Olympics will be Glasnović’s third performance at the Olympic Games.
The Croatian NOC congratulates Josip Glasnović for achieving a record and for gaining the opportunity to defend the Olympic gold from Rio de Janeiro! (cnoc/hina/gg)