Zadar, 6 April 2022 - Leading officials of the World and European Organization of Water Sports (FINA and LEN) and the Croatian Olympic Committee (NOC of Croatia) visited the Ukrainian National Diving Team in Zadar, escaped from the war-torn homeland.

The President of the International Swimming Federation Husain Al Musallam and President of the European Swimming League Antonio Jose Silva, along with one of the Vice Presidents - Josip Varvodić, stayed at Zadar's Višnjik with the Ukrainians. They were accompanied by the Vice President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Blanka Vlašić, President of the Croatian Water Polo Federation Mladen Drnasin, President of the Croatian Diving Federation Arno Longin, Adviser to Minister Nikolina Brnjac at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports Josip Pavić, Mayor of Zadar Branko Dukić, Assistants Secretary General of the Croatian Olympic Committee Hrvoje Balen, Damir Šegota and Neven Šavora, representative of the Croatian Swimming Federation Ivana Jerković and President of the Diving Club Zadar Marko Neveščanin.

At the initiative and with the support of the Croatian Olympic Committee, the Croatian Diving Federation took care of the Ukrainian National Team which – together with the representatives’ family members – makes a group of 52 people, and Zadar was chosen because at the swimming pool in Višnjik there are excellent conditions for training, that is, the current preparations for the World Championships in Budapest, which should take place in two months.

- It's sport that always connects, not separates. Most importantly, the Ukrainian divers feel safe, they are very satisfied with the conditions in Zadar and happy to have the opportunity to prepare for the World Championships. But it is not easy for them, because in their minds, they are still with their families in Ukraine, said the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Vice President Blanka Vlašić.

The Ukrainians are very satisfied with the conditions for the continuation of training in Zadar, and the legendary diver, now National Team coach Illya Kvasa, expressed great gratitude to Croatia for everything it has given them so far. (NOC of Croatia/VK)