Zagreb, 13 May 2021 - At the European Olympic qualification tournament in kayaking and canoeing on calm waters, held in Segedin (Hungary), Croatian kayaker Anamaria Govorčinović achieved the Olympic standard by winning the second place in women's final K1 500M race. The member of the Zagreb club KKK Matija Ljubek was second with time 1:56:70, while the fastest was Spain’s Isabel Contreras (1:56:15).

In terms of our calm water athletes, the ones that participated at the continental qualification tournament were canoeist Vanesa Tot, who finished 9th in the finals, and kayaker Antun Novaković, who did not make to the finals. Tot and Novaković have another chance to compete for performance in Tokyo - at the world qualification tournament on 20 and 21 May in Barnaul, Russia.

As the first Croatian female kayaker in the history to secure an Olympic appearance, 24-year-old Govorčinovic joined Tokyo canoeist in the wild water slalom, Matija Marinić. There are currently 43 athletes on the COC's list of evident male and female candidates for the Tokyo Olympics.

Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) congratulates kayaker Anamaria Govorčinović on achieving her sports dream - an Olympic “visa” for Tokyo!