Budapest, 3 June 2021 - At the International Judo Federation’s (IJF) Electoral Assembly in Budapest, President of the Croatian Judo Federation (HJS), Ph.D. Sanda Čorak, was elected to the Board of Directors as the IJF Education Director as well as a member of the Scientific Committee. In the new mandate period, world judo will be again led by (re-elected) the President Marius L. Vizer.

This great recognition to the Croatian judo came only a couple of days before the World Senior Judo Championships. The Head of the Croatian judo and Vice President of the Croatian Olympic Committee thus continues participating in important working bodies of the IJF. For the purposes of promoting judo as an Olympic martial art in Croatia and in the world, this year she became Editor-in-Chief of the international multidisciplinary journal The Arts and Sciences of Judo, primarily aimed at connecting the scientific judo community with judokas around the world.

She also helped in creation and launching of the project Judo in schools, in order to get more elementary school children involved in regular judo training and become more confident as individuals and learn social skills through the organization of major competitions in the Republic of Croatia.

The Scientific and Research Conference on judo entitled The Applicable Research in Judo, which – in the past couple of years - became a part of the EJU Judo Festival program (Poreč, Croatia), is continuously organized in cooperation with the European Judo Union (2016-2019) and the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb. At each of the Conferences, she was presenting her research in judo. In addition to drafting strategic documents in tourism and sports, Čorak also headed the working group for drafting the first national document on the development of sports in Croatia (the National Sports Program 2019-2026).

- As I am involved in the development of judo as a sport for all and in creation of strategies for the development of education, this choice is just a continuation of many years of work, both mine, and the entire membership and employees of the Croatian Judo Federation, with special thanks to the HJS Secretary General and Sports Directors of the European Judo Union Hrvoje Lindi, Honorary President of the HJS Tomislav Čuljko and Vice President of the HJS Dean Bogić. I would like to thank the IJF President Marius Vizer for supporting and recognizing education as an exceptional importance of the judo segment – said after the election Dr. Sanda Čorak, who has already shown her knowledge and experience as member of the IJF Gender Equality Commission, the Scientific Committee and the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Gender Equality in Sport Commission.

Here one must not forget that Ms. Čorak was presented the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Achievement diploma "Women and Sport " in 2016. Furthermore, under her leadership, the Croatian Judo Federation was presented the IOC's Trophy "Sport and Innovation" related to the development of the Federation, while the IJF presented the HJS a special award for the Best Development of a National Federation in the world. (CJF/NOC of Croatia)

The Croatian Olympic Committee (NOC of Croatia) congratulates its Vice President Sanda Čorak and the Croatian Judo Federation on their new valuable recognition within the international judo community!