Cairo, 5 June 2021 - Croatian gymnast Jakov Vlahek won a silver medal in Pommel Horse event at the Cairo World Challenge Cup, while Marko Jovičić finished 8th. Member of the ZTD Hrvatski Sokol placed second with a score of 13.770 and won the second medal in the second World Cup finals in his career (previously won bronze in Varna in 2017).

To Marko Jovičić from the Gimnastički klub Rijeka this was a debut performance and he finished 8th in the Floor exercise finals (13,070) at his first World Cup tournament.
Croatian gymnastics in Cairo reached a total of 273 men's finals at the World Cup tournaments since national independence to date and a total of 108 medals, and Vlahek's medal is the 32nd silver.
If we look at both men's and women's sports gymnastics then in Cairo we came up with a total of 380 finals, 140 medals and 47 silver medals.

Jakov Vlahek’s silver is a great announcement for the next World Cup stop - from 10 to 13 June, Osijek will host the DOBRO World Challenge Cup, where the Croatian team will consist of: Tin Srbić, Filip Ude, Aurel Benović, Jakov Vlahek, Filip Boroša, Ana Đerek, Tijana Korent, Christina Zwicker and Sara Šulekić.

The Croatian Olympic Committee (NOC of Croatia) congratulates Jakov Vlahek on winning the silver medal at the Cairo World Cup!