Zagreb, October 14, 2019 -At the end of the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Stuttgart, it was officially confirmed that Croatian representative Ana Đerek secured her appearance at the Tokyo Olympics. This is the information that we learned much earlier, after the qualifying competitions, but waited for definitive confirmation after the completion of final competitions at the World Championships. In competition with the All-Around contestants, where her performance brought her  the placement at the Olympic Games  Đerek  earned a total score of 49,466 - enough for 67th place and for the Olympic standard as well.

Namely, since the placement of the Olympic Games was won by 12 teams, namely - gymnasts from 12 best-ranked teams, there was room for another 20 singles from the All-Around as well room for three best gymnasts in the finals of apparatus competitions... Thus, in the final "allocation" of Olympic standards, the (soon) 21-year-old Split native reached – as she really deserved it - a "visa" for Tokyo.

The leadership of the Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) President Zlatko Mateša and Secretary General Josip Čop congratulated Ana Đerek on reaching the Olympic standard, the second time in her career, after performing in Rio de Janeiro in 2016:

Dear Ana,

With great enthusiasm we received an official confirmation that you will represent Croatian women's gymnastics at the Olympics in Tokyo. With best wishes for the continuation of your career, especially for the appearance in Tokyo, on behalf of the Croatian Olympic Family we congratulate you on re-won status of the evident Croatian Olympian! (COC/VK)